Gardening Tips – Recent collection from @gardenersnotebk on Twitter

Here is a collection of recent tips shared on the @gardernersnotebk Twitter feed…

  • [Tip] Get your garlic in the ground now, before the freeze, for a big crop next Summer.
  • [Tip] Go to your garden. Sit down — on the ground — and run your fingers through the soil. It brings ideas to mind, doesn’t it?
  • [Tip] Making compost is as simple as green stuff, brown stuff and time. Add each in equal proportions and black gold will result.
  • [Tip] Often your garden dictates timing on big projects and plans. Trees need to be removed when they need to be removed. Take the hint.
  • [Tip] As Oct Snow shows, Winter can happen any time. Be prepared with covers, mulch, and moving plants inside.
  • [Tip] A good general pruning rule is to never remove more the 1/3 of the plant or shrub. Most people don’t remove enough, though.
  • [Tip] SoCal – get those bulbs in before the first rain. I have a bag of 75 daffodils sitting in the garden right now. Time to move!
  • [Tip] Sometimes building your garden requires tearing stuff out and replacing it entirely. It isn’t a step back, but forward.
  • [Tip] You can get lost in a garden that is no wider than a backyard, but also find yourself there.
  • [Tip] My favorite guide to gardening in Southern California – Pat Welsh’s SoCal Organic Gardening Guide – 
  • [Tip] Check out new gardening magazine online – The Leaf – Free –
  • [Tip] Take your garden foot-by-foot, yard-by-yard and concentrate on improving one section at a time. Weeding, planting, pruning, etc.
  • [Tip] Growing your own garden is unique, but it doesn’t mean you can’t steal from others. Keep a “Swipe” file of favorite designs then make
  • [Tip] Fall is not the end. Plant for Winter structure and beauty. Think and plan this Winter so you can create for next year.
  • [Tip] Often, YOUR plant is lovelier than anything in any catalog. Appreciate what you have, even if without pedigree. It is yours!
  • [Tip] Dreaming about the garden to be can be just as fun (and sometimes more) than your garden today. Dream big. Especially in Winter!
  • [Tip] Propagating your own plants is the simplest and cheapest way of developing your garden. Ask friends for cuttings and seedlings.

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