I received a complete collection of hand tools from Troy-Bilt as part of my membership in the Saturday6. I posted an overview photo of the complete set earlier, but I wanted to show some details and talk a bit more about the tools today.

I have now had a chance to use these a bit and wanted to relate my initial thoughts.

Troy-Bilt Hand Tools - Pruners

Troy-Bilt Hand Tools - Pruners Troy-Bilt Hand Tools - Pruners Troy-Bilt Hand Tools - Pruners Troy-Bilt Hand Tools - Pruners Troy-Bilt Hand Tools - Pruners

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My first impression with these pruners was “heft.” These are not the typical $5 bargain bin specials many of us have lying around (or is it just me (LAUGH)). All the pruners half significant metal parts that appeared powder coated in grey. The red plastic accent pieces create the nicely moulded handled. The smallest bypass pruners have more plastic on them, but there still feels like a solid metal structure inside.

All fit well in your hand even though they are not ergonomically specialized like some other pruners I have. Unfortunately, with those pruners from another company, the ergonomics mean they don’t work well with the heavy leather gloves I normally use in the garden. These Troy-Bilt pruners works well with the gloves and the double-sided locking mechanisms work easily, without being the way. I hate when I accidentally lock pruners when I am working and these locks seem to prevent that pretty well, while also being adaptable to both right and left-handed users.

A nice addition is the wrist straps that can help prevent drops into dense foliage and the time required to find them — or long drops off the ladder onto the hard cement below. (Again this only happens to me, right?)

These all look to be solid additions to my toolbox that will last for years. The various types and sizes means that everyone in the family will find their favorite, I am sure.

According to Troy-Bilt, “The tools are made from hardened, coated and ground steel making them non-corrosive, non-stick and durable. They’re manufactured in Germany at the same plant as Wolf-Garten, a high quality brand in Europe and then are shipped to the US.  The tools are only available on troybilt.com or by calling 1-800-828-5500.

Disclosure: This post is in conjunction with my paid partnership as one of the Saturday6 from Troy-Bilt. All thoughts are my own.