Magnolia Blossom (Open), originally uploaded by dewelch.

Another photo from our little neighborhood walk yesterday.

This huge Magnolia Grandiflora bloom was in the shade, but looked wonderful. Used a little fill flash to add some more light. Note the little fly in the upper-left. Didn’t notice him/her when I took the shot.

On a camera note, I can zoom in quite far on the fly in the original photo. I think someone more insect knowledgeable than me could even identify it.

The San Fernando Valley is full of these Magnolia trees planted along the streets. Only a few blocks away is Magnolia Boulevard which runs across the entire valley. They put on quite a show every year.

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  1. Isn’t it the neatest thing when you can be walking, not particularly looking for anything, and then you come across something as a blooming magnolia flower. Nice!

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