I love talking garden (heck, I like talking in general) and I think you can see that demonstrated in this photo taken by wife. This woman brought in a sample of a rose covered with aphids. I knew immediately what it was and gave her a few ideas for reducing their population. As I do in my own garden, I first recommended physical controls — such as wiping them off with gloves or blasting them off the plant with the hose.

When I first moved in to my home 25 years I was dismayed by all the aphids, but just as I was thinking of applying some pesticide, I noticed a ladybug here, a ladybug larvae there. Sure enough, after blasting off the aphids for a few days the ladybugs moved in in force and took care of any remaining problem.


Other questions from the day included soil amendments, composting and one couple bought the Japanese Maple I had chosen to decorate our display for the day. I guess I have better taste than I though. (LAUGH)

My Troy-Bilt area rep, Vince was a good companion for the day had everything set up by the time I arrived. We both took turns approaching customers and handing out the specially printed booklet of gardening tips, introductions of all the Saturday6 bloggers and even a paper heart on the back, imprinted with wildflower seeds.

Three more of the Satuday6 will have their local events on Saturday, June 5, so keep your eye out for announcements of names and locations here.

See a slide show of photos from the day on my Flickr Photostream


Disclosure: This post is in conjunction with my paid partnership as one of the Saturday6 from Troy-Bilt. All thoughts are my own.