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2015 - Video: Honeybees on Lemon Blossoms from Animalbytes

Photo: Cyclamen in pot by front steps

Cyclamen in pot by front steps, originally uploaded by dewelch.

A friend brought us this cyclamen more than a year ago. It eventually ended up planed in this large terracotta pot by the front steps. Keeping pots moist over the summer months is an almost impossible job, so I figured we had killed this one, but once the rains arrived it jumped back up and today rewarded us with these flower. This, and the amazing state of our roses, show how much water our plants would like to get. I don’t know how we could possibly provide that much, though, without spending all our time in the garden and risking our bank account. That said, I will try to keep things better watered this year, especially when our temperature rise into the 100+ range.

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