New Media Tip: Pinterest: Pin individual item, not collections of items

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As you could probably guess from my recent New Media Tip video, I am a big user of Pinterest. It turns up all sorts of delightful links to Food, Gardening, DIY/Crafts and more. That said, there are two tips I would like to offer those who are starting to dive into Pinterest.

  • Pin individual item, not collections
    • When I look through my Pinterest stream I often see pins for 52 Frozen Foods to Make Yourself, or 12 ways to make chicken and other pins I call “collections”. I can tell you from personal experience that I usually don’t click on such pins. When I see a collection pin, I know I am going to have to sort through a web page filled mainly with items I don’t want, just to find a few — or one — I might want.
    • I prefer that Pinterest users pin links to one, particular item so that I know I will find it useful and those who might re-pin it will also find it useful. I would love to see some stats on how many people re-pin collections as opposed to individual items. If my preferences are any indicator, I would guess the repines on collections falls far below those of individual items.
  • Pin the detail page, not the front page of a blog
    • Too often I am seeing pins that link only to main page of a blog instead of directly to the item being pinned. Depending on how old the blog post is — and how frequently the blogger posts — the item being pinned may have rolled off the front page. Don’t make myself and others go hunting for the information. Visit the detail or individual page of the blog post and then pin that page. That will guarantee that your Pinterest followers will be taken directly to the information you want to share.

Do you have any Pinterest tips? Share in the comments below.

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