My favorite shared new media items for May 2012

Here are my favorite shared new media items for May 2012.

Please let me know in the comments if you find any of the particularly useful. I’ll keep my eye open for similar items — Douglas

  1. New Media / Insert Coin: Genie turns any camera into a world-class time lapse rig — Engadget
  2. New Media / Dashboard Live Shell – Live streaming without a PC
  3. New Media / After Years Of Trying To Kill YouTube, Movie Studios Are Embracing & Profiting From It | Techdirt
  4. New Media / CineSkates go mini, still harnessing the power of smooth — Engadget
  5. New Media / Budget Camera Accessories on Kickstarter Stabilize Moving Shots [VIDEO]
  6. New Media / Ken Burns talks about stories
  7. New Media / Video: Timeless – London Timelapse | Londonist
  8. New Media / PinAlerts: Discover When One of Your Images Gets Pinned on Pinterest
  9. New Media / Video: Introducing the SmartTripod
  10. New Media / iPhone Editing Tools
  11. New Media / IK Multimedia’s iRig MIC Cast is now shipping for iOS devices, we go hands-on — Engadget

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