Question: Live Streaming – What do I need?


I get a lot of questions every day and here is a one from today — via email.

  • Q: I have some questions about live video streaming. They may seem silly since I am just learning my way around podcasting. We are getting ready to purchase a flipcam and microphone. Will this be enough to do a live webcast? Any direction would be helpful.
  • A: For live streaming you will need built-in laptop webcam, a detachable USB webcam or standard camcorder with a Firewire connection (most have these). The Flip will not work as a streaming camera. It only functions as a camcorder.

    I typically use my old Digital8 Camcorder as my live streaming source but any of the above will work fine. A camcorder brings the added benefit of better optics and a zoom lens.

    Choose whatever you have or whatever best fits you needs.

    Any microphone you can connect to your computer, either directly via USB or through a USB mixing board, will work for the live stream. I have used my Blue Snowball mic, set in Omnidirectional mode to stream live shows. It seems to capture the “room sound” quite well. You can also pull audio off the house sound mixer, if you have that option.

    Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer.

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