My Los Angeles 74 – Downtown Los Angeles via Instagram

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My Los Angeles 74 - Downtown Los Angeles via Instagram

My Los Angeles 74 – Downtown Los Angeles

A view up Grand Avenue with the Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad in the foreground. 

Taken from the top floor of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse while on jury duty today. I always make a point of taking photos from this rather unique perspective when I am here. The Music Center is nearby too but the entire plaza is closed off for new construction. 

I tend to stay in for lunch in order to avoid another trip through security and at least the views are nice. 

Not my favorite way to spend a day or 2, but it is a civic duty we should all do. You would want someone to do the same for you should you ever need it. 

It is also important to see the “real world” of jurisprudence and not only the distorted view that television shows us. 

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