This British caf is serving to-go coffee in ceramic mugs to combat waste via Inhabitat

We try to use re-usable mugs and cups as often as we can. We even started refusing lids and straws where possible. This idea looks back — to reusable ceramic cups — and forward to a new way to use them. Great idea! Love to see someone implement out here. — Douglas

A 2017 report from Britain’s House of Commons discovered as many as 2.5 billion coffee cups are disposed across the United Kingdom every year. This equates to more than 6.8 million cups per day. To cut down the amount of waste from hot beverages, the La Tour Cycle Café has started serving everything — including to-go beverages — in reusable mugs.

Although customers sometimes choose to take their beverages with them, supplying more mugs for the next customer isn’t a problem for the café. Every day, the business puts out a collection basket for coffee drinkers to return their cups. While many choose to come back with their glassware, even more use the opportunity to clean out their cabinets and donate their unused mugs to the café.

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