My Limoncello production for 2010

My Limoncello production for 2010 (Adjusted)Just in time for the holidays, my batch of limoncello (an Italian cordial or digestivo) has completed its rest and is now bottled up and ready for tasting. I made only half as much as I made last year as I didn’t plan on making gifts with it. Even so, there is still enough to last me for quite a while.

You can make your own Limoncello by following this recipe and video from Under the Tuscan Gun.

Show #40 – Limoncello

I see that Debi and Gabriele will have their own show, “Extra Virgin” on the Cooking Channel starting January 8th, 2011.

Watch/Download “Under the Tuscan Gun” – iPod Ready Video

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  1. Love your bottles! My husband and I just finished our first batch of Limoncello. If interested, you can read about it by clicking “Limoncello” under “Stop at nothing and read a few posts.” Also enjoyed the Under The Tuscan Gun video. Though I was a little nervous watching him peel the lemons before/during/after drinking limoncello.

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