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How I Built my Dream Greenhouse via Arrows & Twine

To say I’ve been dreaming about this greenhouse is an understatement. Ever since we purchased our first home and I got a little taste of gardening I was hooked. It’s funny how my Mom and Nana were so into gardening and as a kid I couldn’t get far enough from a greenhouse or doing yard […]

Gardening is Much in the News via Garden Rant

Lately I’ve seen an uptick in gardening mentions in the news, and the one above has to be my favorite headline of all. Then the article begins: Home gardening solves everything. This is the finding of a Princeton study published in that media hotbed Landscape and Urban Planning. The study’s press release notes that home gardening is “largely overlooked by […]

This Is the Easiest Way to Avoid Overwatering Plants, According to the Royal Horticultural Society via Apartment Therapy

Just like many other events (like our Small/Cool Experience!), the Royal Horticulture Society made their annual Chelsea Garden Show virtual for the first time in 107 years. While it’s not over, horticulturalist experts have already shared an abundance of tips on how to successfully grow your own plants—including a clever way on how to avoid overwatering it. Each day’s […]

7 apps to keep your plants alive and well via Mashable!

Yellowing leaves, brown tips, dry fronds. Whenever a plant displays its first signs of sickness, I immediately start to think what I might have done wrong.  Did I give my plant root rot by overwatering it? No, I’m probably under-watering it. Wait, maybe it’s just due for a re-pot, or does it just need a […]

Edibles you can start in July via Frau Zinnie

Succession sowing is a way to make use of available, open space in the garden throughout the season. As one crop finishes producing, you can plant another crop in its place. A great example of this in July is garlic. Once the lower leaves on the garlic stalk begin to brown, you can dig up […]

Backyard Wildlife Habitat: 30+ Projects and Ideas via Garden Therapy

If you want a thriving organic garden, you will need wildlife. I’m not talking deer, mice, and bears here, I’m talking bees, butterflies, ladybugs, birds, and other gardening pals, some that aren’t even wild! To attract them, you will need backyard wildlife habitat. A backyard habitat provides food, water, safe shelter, and nesting spaces for […]

It’s Time To Learn Some Botanical Latin (And Why), An Interview With Ross Bayton Via A Way To Garden

I’M GRATEFUL that when I began gardening, I fell in with a bunch of plant nerds who spoke not in common names but in botanical Latin, and turned me on to oddball mail-order nurseries whose entire lists were likewise written that way. Necessity was therefore the mother of invention. I absorbed at least a rudimentary […]

The 6 Magnificent California Gardens Inspiring Us Right Now via Veranda

There are few things we love to daydream about more than a beautiful garden and the next one our list to visit, once we are able to travel. From the peaceful public gardens of Japan to the perfectly manicured gardens of the world’s royals that we have to see, there’s not an area of the world whose gardens we are not […]

Planter Ideas: 18 Inspiring Design Tips for Gorgeous Garden Containers via Savvy Gardening

I am always on the lookout for creative planter ideas. I find them on walks around my neighbourhood, on garden tours, at botanical gardens, even at some of my local nurseries. Besides the endless array of foliage and bloom choices, the containers themselves can also play into the look—or fade into the background, letting the […]

22 Charming Chicken Coop Amenities via Country Living

You have your chicken coop all set up, but before you bring home your various breeds of chickens, don’t forget to accessorize—both with essential chicken-keeping elements and fun decorative accessories! Giving your chickens a cozy restful spot that accommodates their daily needs and habits is essential to raising happy—and prolific egg-laying—hens. Our Country Living panel of chicken experts […]