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Thursday, December 22, 2005


As confused as I am, I can only imagine the confusion that the plants in my garden might be undergoing right now. After a week or so of mid-to-low 60 degree temperatures, with nights dipping down into the 40's, along comes this week of 70+ temps. Then, they got a dose of rain a month or so ago, only to go wanting now.

These temperature fluctuations seem to have pushed hte ash trees into a "drop all the leaves now" mode. Both cars were almost buried under an avalanche in the last 2 days, even with very little wind to assist the leaf drop.

I have noticed the azaleas are looking a bit peaked this week, as well. We really should be having more regular rain and the temperatures should be lower, but you can only take what you get. Tomorrow, I will hit everything with a dose of water to tide it over until the next rain and see if that helps. Another 2 weeks or so and it will be time to prune all the roses back again. We had one last flush of bloom last week, but most of those blossoms are gone now. The paperwhites and other bulbs in teh garden are tall and green, but no bloom yet. The lack of rain could be postponing things.

I am still in the planning stages on our new wisteria trellis to replace the old one that is very unstable. I am still getting lumber prices and advice on how to put it all together. I want to have it in-place before the wisteria starts to leaf-out again. With the current weather, though, that could happen at any moment.

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Anonymous fancywoodworkerman said...

You write well, the way you described your garden and everthing; makes me feel if I'm really there.

11:04 PM  

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