Homeowners often are frustrated when the lawn looks bad beneath trees. Starved for sun, the grass is thin and patchy.
The problem is that most popular lawn grasses are full-sun plants, according to Doris Taylor, Plant Clinic manager at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle. Even grass species sold as “shade-tolerant” will struggle in deep shade.
You also may choose a ground cover to replace lawn in any shady area where there isn’t enough sun for grass to thrive. Use a ground cover on a slope where mowing grass would be inconvenient or even dangerous. It can be the best option for a small city front yard or a courtyard.
What is a ground cover? “It’s not really a particular kind of plant,” Taylor said. “It’s any perennial plant that can be used instead of turf.”
Read If your garden grass is patchy, consider a ground cover instead via chicagotribune.com

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