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December 2012

Video: Digs: 3 fruit trees for small space yards and patios

I found this on a recent Google+ posting and wanted to pass it along. Check out their YouTube Channel and Subscribe! Can’t see the video above? Watch it on YouTube by clicking here Check out Digs YouTube Channel Read more on this topic: Video: Making Limoncello Part 2 Video: What Douglas Dug… Show 002 – […]

Video: In the garden…Planting Onions – December 30, 2012

“In the garden…” is a series for A Gardener’s Notebook highlighting what is happening in my garden, my friend’s gardens and California gardens throughout the seasons. Today, planting onion sets…finally. Can’t see the video above? Watch “In the garden…Planting Onions – December 30, 2012” on YouTube    Watch all the past “In the garden…” videos in this YouTube playlist. Please […]

Photo: Our neighbor, Maria, builds a fence

I came across Maria on my walk yesterday and she was building this lovely bamboo fence. She mentioned that the panels are from a company in San Diego. I planning on going back and interviewing her on video to get more details. Read more on this topic: Photos: A neighbor’s front yard garden Photo: Orange […]

Garden Alphabet: Nandina

Link: Nandina on Wikipedia.org Photo posted via Instagram Read more on this topic: Garden Alphabet: Brugmansia Nandina berries Brugmansia blooms Foxglove in Kensington Gardens Bulbs arising

Garden Alphabet: Paperwhites

I am starting to approach this as a project, collecting garden photos for each letter of the alphabet. I will then collect them into a poster for sale, I think. Read more on this topic: Photos: First Paperwhites 2011 Photos: Paperwhites in the sun Free Garden Wallpaper for your computer – Paperwhites Wine bottle garden […]

New Series: Garden Inventory: Eucalyptus

Garden Inventory is a series where I begin an inventory of all the plants and trees in my garden. Along with some of my own pictures, I will link to various sources of information about each plant and tree so we can learn a little more together. I would also like to highlight your special […]

All About Douglas – Choose what you want to see and hear from me in 2013!

I have a lot of interests, as most of you already know. Therefore, I have a lot of different blogs, events,  and groups in my portfolio of online engagements. I also try to make myself available wherever people want to converse. This means that each of my interests usually has multiple presences on the Internet. […]

Pink ‘Porcelain Doll’ Pumpkins

Looking for something new to try in your garden? Very interesting Pink ‘Porcelain Doll’ Pumpkins. Discovered via Pinterest user Vanessa Ritter. Source: dpseeds.com via Vanessa on Pinterest Read more on this topic: Pumpkins? What Douglas Dug…Show 008 – Garden markers, blue pumpkins, bed frame gates and more! Elsewhere: Planting tall grasses and other plants in […]

Huge Sfusato Lemon – A cross between a lemon and citron

My sister sent me this photo after we talked about these huge lemons in our family Google Hangout today. My goodness are they huge! After seeing this I had to do some research to see exactly what this beast was. After doing a little Internet research, it looks like this is a Sfusato lemon — […]

Garden Alphabet: Brugmansia

Photo posted via Instagram Link: Brugmansia on Wikipedia Read more on this topic: Brugmansia blooms Brugmansia seen on my walk Photo: Acanthus in the garden via Instagram Photo: Rose in the garden today via Instagram Photo: Yellow Hibiscus via Instagram