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May 2011

Photo: Agapanthus in the garden

A bit of blue splendor from one of my recently divided agapanthus in the back garden. Read more on this topic: Garden Bed Cleanup Today

Rose Bed Cleanup Today

Tackling another project in the Summer garden cleanup here today. This is the large rose bed in the back yard. Not many roses left here, as the trees have blacked the sun more and more in the years we have lived here. I am thinking of ideas to refurbish this bed, but cleaning it up […]

Video: Bob Jones, Sr talks about seed germination testing at Chef’s Garden, Inc. #saturday6

While the Saturday6 was touring Chef’s Garden, Inc., Bob Jones, Sr. met us in the lab. This high-tech space is fit into a retired shipping container, but has some very high-tech stuff inside. One topic he spoke on was the germination testing they do on their seeds. Chef’s Garden is a business, after all, and […]

Photo: Kitchen at Culinary Vegetable Institute

I know, I know. The picture is a bit blurry, but I had to share it with you. This is the kitchen of the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio which I visited as part of the Troy-Bilt Saturday6 kickoff. What else can I say…WANTS! Of course, I would need an entire staff to just […]

I Like This – May 27, 2011

A collection of gardening items I found interesting this week. The Greenhouse Tavern Lives up to its Name – May 26, 2011 Command Performance » The Royal Horticulture Society Chelsea Flower Show Opened Yesterday – May 24, 2011 Best in Show at Chelsea – May 24, 2011 The Chelsea Flower Show: 10 things you didn’t […]

Is there a #GardenCamp in your future?

If you follow any of my other blogs or projects, you know that I love the idea of an unconference. An unconference is attendee organized and everyone is highly encouraged to present something during the day. The schedule is created the morning of the event and then everyone dives in. There is so much great, […]

Video: Chef’s Garden “Unboxing” – chef-quality produce from Ohio

Join me as I open a box of ultra-fresh produce delivered straight from Chef’s Garden, Inc. in Huron, Ohio. I had the pleasure of visiting their company as part of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday6 and they were kind enough to send me a “Family Box” of veg to try. Come see everything that was included. Click the […]

Garden Bed Cleanup Today

We have lots of beds here in the garden, along with lots of paths and even what I call the “woodland” garden. Today was the first big push on the post-Spring garden cleanup. Our bulbs start as soon as the first rain arrives in December or January, so by this time most of them are […]

A Gardener’s Notebook Store

Check out some of my favorite books and products in this Amazon.com store!     Find more items in A Gardener’s Notebook Store  Read more on this topic: Gardening Gift Guide # 3: The 3,000 Mile Garden: An Exchange of Letters Between Two Eccentric Gourmet Gardeners Top Gardeners Notebook Posts for 2010 What I’m Reading…The […]

Tasks on my gardening list

Here are just a few things to occupy my gardening time over the next several days. It is always good to keep a list of such things, but not let it worry you too much. It is more of a memory aid than something to feel guilty about. Gardening should be about enjoyment, not guilt. […]