What I’m Reading: Farewell to Manzanar – 35 in a series – “If we spoke of it at all, we joked.”

“When we finally started to talk about making a trip to visit the ruins of the camp, something would inevitably get in the way of our plans. Mainly my own doubts, my fears. I half-suspected that the place did not exist. So few people I met in those years had even heard of it, and those who had knew so little about it, sometimes I imagined I had made the whole thing up, dreamed it. Even among my brothers and sisters, we seldom discussed the internment. If we spoke of it at all, we joked.”

From Farwell to Manzanar by by Jeanne Wakatsuki Housto and James D. Houston

What I'm Reading: Farewell to Manzanar - 1 in a series -

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