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Audio: Tech Nation interview with Chip Heath on How to Change

September 16th, 2010

I listened to this interview while driving around on consulting calls and I almost had to stop by the side of the road so I could make some notes. Even in this short interview, Chip Heath, gives some great, though-provoking, information that I was able to put into use immediately.

Heath talks about how important it is to use emotion when attempting to change anything. I think that over time I have fallen back more and more on analytical defenses and arguments instead of starting with the emotion that makes the change so important to me.

Listen to the interview, and read the book, to find out more about “the elephant and the rider” and how they work in combination to encourage or discourage change.

I will be picking up the book as soon as I can to explore these concepts further.

Tell me what you think about the interview and the book in the comments. I would love to hear your insight.

Chip Health – How To Change
Author of Switch

Dr. Moira Gunn talks with Chip Heath, Stanford Professor in Organizational Behaviour, about his new book, Switch, and learn the key to making real change in our lives, no matter what the change is.

Listen to the entire interview


Find reviews and comments or Buy Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath from

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  1. Jeanine Colini
    September 18th, 2010 at 04:51 | #1

    Good recommend. Hope I can get the book and find the time to read it because I’m going through major changes right now. There’s lots of work to be done. I need to stay calm and focused and not operate from fear which is rearing its head due to financial insecurity issues. I am also very analytical which does NOT serve me, especially now. I appreciate being able to step back and see this perspective via the interview. It helps me see that it’s a normal process and that I’m not a loser because I can’t tackle it all NOW. I like the concept mentioned about lowering the bar. That’s a good one. Also want to check out for more tips. Small steps are the way to go. Thanks for sharing this…

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