Cucumber trellis and plant volunteers

After discovering that one of the plants on the container was a cucumber, I put out a small trellis for it to climb today. (See Container Vegetable Garden Update 001) We have pieces of this trellis all over the garden from the previous owners (16 years ago!?!?) so we always have a bit to use wherever we need it. There are tons of flowers on the cucumber so given a little bit of space it might produce quite a few.


Small trellis for newly identified cucumber

You might ask, “How come you don’t know what is growing in your containers?” Well, when we used our own compost to make the potting soil it contained seeds that had made it through the compost process. Most home compost piles don’t get hot enough to kill or break down the seeds of you might put it in, so when you water the compost/potting soil new plants can simply appear. In this case, somewhere in the past, we put a cucumber on the compost pile and this plant is the result of its seeds. We have also have some volunteer tomatoes, tree saplings and more from our last batch of seedlings.

I don’t really mind these volunteers. It can be interesting to figure out what plants they are and whether or not you want to keep them. This hones your plant identification skills and often gives you some extra plants and food. So far we have a tomato that we overwintered, pumpkins from an old jack-o-lantern, zucchini and now this cucumber all started using this “method”, if you can really call it a method. Still, why not take advantage of what is offered. (LAUGH)

Photos: A neighbor’s front yard garden

A neighbor near my favorite coffee shop in Studio City has had this front yard vegetable garden for a few years now. They carve out some sections of their lawn and created these beds. I have seen everything from Swiss Chard to Spinach to cabbage to lettuce growing there. In some of the larger plots I see that they now have a very established raspberry bush which already had fruit going ripe.



They also had this bed of zucchini that looks as if it might eventually take over the yard, if not the neighborhood. (LAUGH)


We are having some small success with our own front yard vegetables containers and it is always great to see people have a little productivity in their garden instead of just lawn and perennial shrubs.

Video: Container Vegetable Harvest and Update 001

A quick update on the container garden as I harvest some lettuce for our dinner.


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Video: Making Limoncello Part 1

Douglas makes Limoncello, an Italian lemon liquor or digestivo using lemons and grain alcohol. Part 2 will follow in a few weeks after the first step in the process is completed. Start your batch today and join in the fun.

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Can’t see the video above? Watch “Making Limoncello Part 1” on YouTube

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Elsewhere: Whimsical Garden Gate via Pinterest

I came across this on Pinterest today and it really struck me. There are many ways you could execute this, depending on your space and supplies. Sure to make an impact in your garden.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

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Photo: Pumpkin flower

I caught this lovely pumpkin flower in all its glory the other morning and wanted to share it here. The pumpkin plants are small, but they seem to be throwing off some particularly grand flowers. I hope they end up leading to actual pumpkins down the road.

Pumpkin flower

Pumpkin flower

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Project: Wine bottle waterer

It is hard to call this a project at all, as there is nothing to build and no tools involved. I had seen this done in a number of places and there are even custom-made water globes that you can buy for large sums of money.

Our heat wave continues apace today so I figured I would would give our new, large containers a bit of extra help. Containers often dry out quickly in the hot weather, so many help I can offer will help, I am sure.

Wine bottle waterer

Wine bottle waterer

You just fill up the wine bottle with water and then quickly up-end it and press it into the soil. The water doesn’t simply pour out as you might expect, but slowly gurgles down, directly to the roots of the plant. In my case I saw a little air bubble rise every couple of minutes, so the water was draining quite slowly. I will check in the morning and see how much is left and then I will get a better idea of how well they are working to keep the containers moist.

Photo: Zucchini Update

Here is what the zucchini looked like 4 days ago…

Zucchini Sprouts - 2

…and here is what they look like as of yesterday evening (3 days later)…


We are having a bit of a heat wave here in Los Angeles at the time and the zucchini seem to be responding well to it. True leaves have been put on and they look like they might take over the garden, of they could.

Elsewhere: Garden Tool Storage example from Pinterest

Here is a lovely example of garden tool storage I found on Were I so well organized in my own life. (HA!) Still, we can all learn from such examples. We don’t have to do everything in the example, but sometimes just doing one small part is enough. Examples are supposed to be used to beat ourselves up for our inadequacies, but rather show us the way to improvements in our gardens.

Source: via Douglas on Pinterest


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