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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Water timers -- a reply to a Real World Green Video from Eric Rochow

Eric Rochow, over at Real World Green recently posted a video on using water timers for your sprinkling systems. The timer he showed in the video looked to be a volume-based time, measuring gallons instead of time. I have found that these work OK with traditional lawn sprinklers, but not so well with my drip and soaker systems, which use dramatically lower water pressure.

Instead, I use these clockwork water timers, from Gardena. Using timers like these, along with drip and soaker irrigation, ease the tedious job of watering, put the water exactly where it is needed and prevent you from forgetting that you have left the sprinklers on -- running up your water bill.

You can watch Eric's original video below my reply.

Douglas' Reply

iPod Ready Video

Eric's Original Video


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