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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Elsewhere Online: The Great Aerogarden Experiment Day 3

I had not heard of this device, but now I will be paying more attention to it. I know that this really isn't "Gardening" with a capital G, but for those of you in colder climes who just can't let go of growing for the Winter, it might be an interesting conversation piece.

I know I will be following along in Achieve It!'s experience with the Aerogarden.

The Great Aerogarden Experiment Day 3

Back in September I posted a little blurb about the Aerogarden - a new gadget that sits on a tabletop and grows literally ACRES of fresh herbs and vegetables. Well, maybe not acres, but it’s supposed to produce enough… say… lettuce to feed 2 people salad for 6 months.

(Continues on web site)

(Via Achieve IT!.)


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