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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Roses in the Garden - Photo-A-Day 4/15/07

Out in the garden today and the roses are popping all over the place.

I hadn't seen many aphids earlier, but they are hitting these roses in the back garden a bit. Time to take the hose out and blast them off. The lady bugs will arrive soon enough to polish off the rest. They seem to do this every year.

Click any of the photos to see them, in their full-size glory, on Flickr.

Roses in the Garden - April 15, 2007 Roses in the Garden - April 15, 2007 Roses in the Garden - April 15, 2007


Blogger Carol said...

Douglas, your roses are beautiful. What zone are you in? Obviously one south of me (zone 5). I'll need to come back and explore your blog for more info on growing roses. I'm always looking for good info on growing roses! Thanks for participating in bloom day on the 15th.

2:04 AM  
Blogger Douglas said...

Ah, yes, I am way down yonder in Southern California. SO I get my show of roses before many others.

If you read my past columns and posts you will see my garden lives on benign neglect, so I must give credit to a higher power, and hte previous owner of this house, that I have roses this pretty. (SMILE)


8:21 AM  

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