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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today's 10 Minutes in the Garden

Fallen - Photo-A-Day for Nov, 4, 2006Ok, in an effort to support my 10-Minute Gardener idea, I will fill you in whenever I put it to use.

Sure enough, today, after a trip out to a kid's event with the family and a few catch-up minutes at the computer I headed outside to get some air. Sure enough, there was a 10 minute job right outside the door.

At this time of year, I could rake leaves for hours everyday and still not catch up with them. Usually I put my electric leaf blower on the task, but there are so many leaves that it can't really move the piles around. So, I quickly grabbed my rake (yes, they still make those (SMILE)) and worked my way from the backdoor to about the middle of the garden, along the main path. 10-15 minutes later, I had filled the compost bin and a majority of the city garden bin and the path looked better.

Best of all, it was a perfect day to be outside. We are having an unusual cold snap at the moment so even at 1 PM the temperature was only about 50 degrees. My sweater was just right and I could work without sweat through my clothes, like most other times of the years. The beautiful weather, combined with the small accomplishment made it almost perfect. No stress, no pressure and no heat. Who could ask for anything more. This is what gardening is all about.

More about The 10-Minute Gardener coming soon.

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