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Monday, April 10, 2006

AnimalBytes: Reality In Blue - Solar Eclipse Turkey 2006

My good friend, Keri Dearborn, has started her very own blog about all things nature and natural. You may remember Keri from our birdwatching video posted a few months ago.

You can also see her work on the Friends of the Island Fox blog.

I expect great things from this blog and I have already added her RSS feed to my RSS Newsreader program.
Reality In Blue - Solar Eclipse Turkey 2006

March 29, 2006, a solar eclipse dazzled over Turkey. A dark orb hung in the sky haloed in glowing white wisps of solar corona. Crowds gazing up from the dark shadow of the moon found the sun blocked from view and cheered at the wondrous sight. For those who took a moment to glance at the surrounding ancient ruins and countryside, there was the realization that a total solar eclipse offers an alternative perception of the world. For as the moon blocks our vision of the sun, it also blocks direct light from our star and thereby introduces us to an image of our world we would not ordinarily see. [Continues]

(Via AnimalBytes.)

Link: Video - Sepulveda Wildlife Area Bird Walk
Link: Friends of the Island Fox

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