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Monday, February 13, 2006

Wisteria Returns...

It looks like we completed the pergola just in time. The wisteria is already making a big push after its major pruning. I had to strip all the long vines off of the old trellis in order to dismantle it, but 3 of the 4 plants are showing signs of new growth. The one in the picture is producing the most visible growth right now, but 2 others are showing buds and the first hints of green leaves.

Unfortunately, one plant, along the Northeast corner of the new trellis is showing no signs of rejuvenation at all. I will be disappointed to lose this one, but a 75% survival rate isn't too bad for a project like this. I haven't given up hope yet, though, perhaps it is just a late bloomer.

As these vines re-grow, I will begin training them to the uprights and over the top cross pieces. In the new open pergola design there will be plenty of space for blossoms to hang down through the structure. In the old trellis, the flowers would often just lay on top of the lattice work and never be seen. Each year, from now on, I will treat this wisteria as it should be treated, trimming it back hard each year, etc., instead of letting it run wild.

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