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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Green Roofs

Inhabitat has a great article on why, where and how of green roofs in urban areas. While they might not be the same as a long stroll through the woods, they can be some of the nicest gardens you could visit, while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and helping to mitigate a variety of environmental issues.

See the end of the article for more information on green roofs.


American cities have a surprising amount of wasted open space. Even in densely packed urban areas like New York City, the prime real estate atop roofs is given much less consideration than one would expect from a populace that values each square foot of space so highly. This oversight is a real shame, because there is so much that can be done to improve the local environment and quality of life, simply by fixing up a roof.

The average city rooftop is layered with black tar, a material which traps sunlight and heat, raising the temperature of the surrounding area. The heat trapped by dark, flat roofs elevates city temperatures as much as ten degrees Fahrenheit - contributing to what scientists call the "urban heat island" effect.

(Via Inhabitat.)


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