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Friday, October 07, 2005

Your own pumpkin patch

Even here in the dense (oh, the double meaning) urban environment of Los Angeles, people will still find a way to cultivate their small patch of soil.

Driving home from school the other day I happened acorss a front yard vegetable garden, including a sizeable pumpkin patch. It looks like they will get enough for a couple of jack-o-lanterns. I would have taken a picture, but by the time I got back with my camera the harvest had already taken place. Bummer.

While it may seem odd to grow a garden in your front yard, I am actually in the same position. The back garden is far too shaded to grow vegetables, but parts of the front yard get enough sun to be tolerabl, though still not perfect.


Anonymous Jane Perrone said...

I love the idea of a pumpkin patch in my front garden! Unfortunately since the house frontage for me is concrete driveway interrupted by two tiny beds already full with plants, I think it's unlikely to be growing squash any time soon ... but I can dream.

6:32 AM  

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