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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How to mow the lawn (and more!)

As if to prove that you can be geeky about anything, the linked site takes the "simple" task of mowing the lawn, and almost everything else to new heights. TradeTricks.com offers "Professional secrets from those in the know." Let's hope for more gardening-related posts in the future.
How to mow the lawn

The Tricks of the Trade weblog has advice for lawn-mowers looking for satisfying lines of green freshly-cut goodness:
When mowing your lawn, look into the distance beyond the edge of the area. Pick a point and walk toward it, and you'll start to get straight, purty lines. If your grass isn't too tall, you should overlap your passes only by the width of the wheels, which will cut the grass that was pushed over on the previous pass and give you nice pinstripes. Mow at a different angle each time to avoid creating ruts.

Greenskeeper [Tricks of the Trade]

(Via Lifehacker.)


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