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Friday, June 18, 2004

Lavender Honey

It looks like we won't make it down the the Lavender Festival this weekend, but I was talking with a friend yesterday about Lavender Honey. This isn't honey made from lavender flowers necessarily, but rather Lavender-infused honey.

Here are few links on making your own lavender honey and other lavender treats.

How to make Lavender Honey

Elaine's Lavender Page

Local Harvest.com - Local Honey


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cudos for pointing out that this recipie for "Lavender Honey" is not real lavender honey. To be clear, lavender loney is made when bees collect nectar from lavender blossoms. The resulting honey is subtle and sweet. Typical honey from clover or orange blossoms has a much stronger flavor. Infusing standard honey with lavender oil will not make the honey taste anything like lavender honey. It will produce something much much different.

5:40 AM  

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