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Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Prepping for our big pasta/potluck garden party this weekend, so we are in major cleanup mode.

Tonight, I trimmed back our sprawling rosemary bush, as it was encroaching on other plants in the bed. Now it looks nice and neat. The trouble is, I have enough rosemary to supply every restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. Worse still, I don't use a lot of rosemary in my cooking, although I do sometimes brew up a cup of rosemary tea to calm my stomach.

I took the trimmings, bundled them together and hung them up to dry on the back patio. I am going to offer them up to party guests on Sunday. We have a few gourmet/gourmand among our friends so that should reduce the number somewhat. It makes me wish I had a big piece of pork to roast over an open flame, tossing the rosemary stems in the fire for a little extra flavor. Hmmmm.


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