Much like the Lego Architecture series, I am loving these Lego Botanicals and look forward to many more designs and sets. What a great way of bringing the garden indoor, especially during those cold, winter, months. These are perfect for gifting to your favorite Lego maniacs, too. — Douglas

Lego Botanical Series

Lego Botanical Series

Lego Botanical Series

The hidden story behind the new LEGO® Flower Bouquet set

You may have heard about Billund.

You may have heard about Billund. It’s a small town in western Denmark, with a population of just 7,000 people. And yet, every day, around half that number can be found working in the various offices of The LEGO® Group around town.

These 3,500 Billund employees, as well as being incredibly charming, beautiful and good at splelling, were perhaps the 3,500 least-surprised people on Earth following the announcement of the brand new LEGO® Flower Bouquet set at the start of 2021.

That’s because nearly every one of our offices in our Billund campus already features versions of these brick-built botanical beauties. They’re among the most striking and memorable features you’ll see in our offices (aside from the as aforementioned beautiful people).

But how did these natural wonders spring into life, you may ask?

Well the original seed was not planted by, as you might expect, a senior designer. (For example, with the LEGO Bonsai Tree set, lead designer Nico Vas was well-known around Billund for being the go-to guy for building personalised bonsai trees for his colleagues’ desks, many years before the set’s release.)