On Thia Day On A Gardener's Notebook...

2019 - Japanese Garden 3 (Black & White), Cal Poly Pomona via My Instagram
2019 - If your garden grass is patchy, consider a ground cover instead via chicagotribune.com
2018 - Hollyhock Flowers via My Instagram
2016 - Cooper’s Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) – a daily visitor in the garden this week #hawk #bird #nature #raptor #garden #gardenersnotebook #wildlife #nofilter via Instagram [Photo]
2014 - Noted: Make Your Own Tranquil Garden Fountain via Houzz
2014 - Garden Decor: Copper Fence Cap Pyramid from Two Thirty-Five Design
2014 - Video: In the garden…June 17, 2014: Soaker hose repairs, failed water timers and container update
2012 - Video: Make-Do Garden Fountain




Los Angeles Cactus & Succulent Society Plant Show & Sale 2017 (lacactus.com)

Spent an hour or so at the show on Saturday checking out all the great vendors and plants. 


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