On Thia Day On A Gardener's Notebook...

2019 - Lily-of-the-Valley via Instagram
2019 - Striking Yellow Roses via Instagram
2018 - Bee on Passionflower (Passiflora) via My Instagram
2017 - Finally, a new fence in the garden!
2015 - Video: Pink Rhododendron – A Minute in the Garden 16 from A Gardener’s Notebook
Also from 2014 - Garden Alphabet: Mandevilla
Also from 2014 - Noted: A Secret Garden in the Middle of Regent’s Park in London by Kendra Wilson from Gardenista
2013 - Garden History: The importance of trees (Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia)
2013 - Video: In the garden…June 6, 2013: A friendly squirrel, the last potatoes and a few signs of life
2012 - Horticulture Jobs Available – Enter Your Location

Video: Valley Carpenter Bees from The Earth Minute

My friend, Keri, over at Animalbytes.net, has some great footage of Valley Carpenter Bess on her blog and video channel, The Earth Minute.

I get the same types of bees in my garden, but I haven’t recorded such good footage. I need to try harder now. (SMILE)

Valley carpenter bees

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