I came across this short LA Times article on tomato cages and saw that Scott Daigre of Tomatomania was one of those interviewed. I have interviewed Scott myself on 2 occasions as our local tomato mania event happens just a mile from our house. You can see my interview with Scott in the video below. The article shows several ways of staking your tomato plants to counteract their usually “floppy” habit.

Best tomato cages: Six picks from the pros

Brandywine or San Marzano? Cherokee Purple or Early Girl? Once you get past the questions of what kind of tomatoes to plant, you quickly reach question No. 2: What kind of support is best? We surveyed six L.A. garden pros about their favorite tomato cage and got six different answers, including some clever tweaks on garden-store staples:

Scott Daigre:
 The owner of Powerplant Garden Design in Ojai and the organizer of the Tomatomania! events said tomato vines are more flexible than you might think.

He wrote an article titled “Your Tomatoes Deserve Better Support” for Fine Gardening magazine last year in which he explained how he likes to train tomato plants across trellises made of concrete reinforcing wire or heavy galvanized animal fencing, often called hog wire, sold at feed stores.


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