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2012 - One Year Ago: Daffodil planting in 2011

Video: Planting daffodil bulbs

A short video montage of some work I did in the garden today. I purchased a bag of 75 daffodil bulbs to expand my existing plantings a week or so ago. Here in Southern California, our bulbs start to sprout as soon as the first substantial rains appear, so I wanted to make sure and get these in the ground soon. We had a storm pass through last week, but it didn’t bring much actual moisture. That said, it is a sign that the Winter rains are about to arrive.

Today I planted about 25 of the 75 bulbs in some areas where I am pretty sure there are no daffodils already. While my existing bulbs do seem to naturalize and spread, I try to plant a few more every year to create a daffodil “tide” when they all bloom at once. We get probably a month of bloom from the daffodils, which are proceeded by paperwhites, which are usually first and then snowbells and finally, the daffodils


Daffodil Bulbs

Daffodil Bulbs Daffodil Bulbs

Daffodil photos from previous years

Daffodil posts on WelchWrite.com from previous years


Watch “Planting Daffodil Bulbs” – iPod Ready Video


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