Transplants from seed starting project


Clockwise from Top Left (Basil and 1 small oregano seedling), Unknown (I am letting it grow to see what it is. I think it might be a grape vine, but only time will tell, Tomato volunteer that popped up, probably from my homemade compost I used for the pots, Basil again. There are a few broccoli seedlings on the ground to the left but some bug has been munching them pretty badly and I don’t think they will survive the transplant.


This is a close up the little basil pot. It has been the healthiest of all the seedlings and I hope it continues that way. These pots are placed in a tiny spot int he backyard that seems to get more sun than the rest. Most of the garden is shaded by mature trees, so it is a little hard to find a good spot, hence the containers, which allow me to move things around as needed.

A week from this Sunday we are off to visit family in Sicily for 3 weeks. We will have garden friendly friends housesitting for us, so hopefully these will be even bigger by the time we return.

I am planning on seeing as many gardens as possible in Sicily and supposedly will have fairly good Internet access from the house we are living in. If I do, look for some great gardening pictures and more from the Mediterranean!


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