I finally found that this weekend I didn’t feel I have a 100 other tasks to complete, so somehow I ended up in the garden. I really had only planned to filled the bird feeders, but then I allowed some other tasks to attract my attention

First was just a little cleanup in the back woodland area. The Iron Plant had a bunch of spent leaves so I took a few minutes to clean them up. There are a lot of leaves to clean up back there, too, so I need to drag the chipper shredder out of its shed and put it to work again. I hope it will start after a few months of storage, but if not I have a few friends I can all on for their mechanical expertise.

Garden Cleanup

Next, I finally got around to planting the sword ferns I pulled from a friend’s garden. I have had these in pots for months. I figured they would die before I got them in the ground, but they actually seemed to thrive in the pots, especially after the big rains we had last month. There are even a few, new fiddleheads forming on the base of each one. Still, it was time to get them into the ground, so I took a bare area in the deeply shaded south bed and spaced the three out to give them some room to spread. I think this is a good spot for these ferns and hope they fill the entire end of the bed. It was looking pretty sad, but I think this will green things up a bit.

This picture shows them in their new home.

Newly planted sword ferns

Finally, I happened to notice the wisteria had suddenly spring to life. It had been completely bare just a few days ago, but now the plant at each leg of the pergola was throwing off green leaves with abandon. I had hoped to neaten it up a bit before it leafed out, but that will have to wait until the mid-season pruning in the few months, I guess. We are still in a recovery period for the wisteria, due to the severe pruning we did when the pergola was built, so no flowers this year. Maybe next.

Wisteria leaves

Until next time, go enjoy your garden!