Spider web this morning, originally uploaded by dewelch.

You can judge a garden by the company it keeps. Regular visitors and inhabitants let you know that it is healthy and a good place to live. This spider web showed up a few mornings ago. We have a good collection of insects in the garden, both damaging and those that feed on them.

We get regular visits from opossum and raccoon, even here in the middle of urban LA. Birds flock in, even though they aren’t exotics like some people attract, but seeing a Cooper’s Hawk up-close and personal is always a treat.

What visiting and living in your garden besides the plants and trees themselves? What does that tell you about the “State of your garden”?

2 thoughts on “What visits and lives in your garden?”

  1. I have deer and spiders, grasshoppers, and the occasional skunk wander through my garden. All of them are welcome to visit even though they might make my day a little more aromatic!

    1. Yes, I really enjoy my wildlife big and small. The raccoons can get a bit loud and sometimes do damage but the “so ugly their cute” opossum come and go as they wish.

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