Word now! Stories Podcast – “Cold” – Listen Now and then come to a show! [Audio] (1:30)

Last Sunday we attended the latest performance of of Word Now! at the Fremont Centre Theater in South Pasadena.

The show is co-produced by a close friend and his wife was also presenting a story that evening, so we HAD to go, of course.

It was a great night out and the stories were absolutely amazing. We certainly plan on attending again!

Word now header


Word now cold readers

Each show works around a general theme and this month’s theme was “COLD.”

The stories approached it in a variety of ways. Cold weather. Cold People. Cold World and more!

You can listen to the entire show here and I also greatly encourage you to see the live presentation in South Pasadena.

>>> Listen to Word Now! Stories – Cold – Part 1

[audio: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-139193/TS-1051597.mp3]

>>> Listen to Word Now! Stories – Cold – Part 2

[audio: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-139193/TS-1051598.mp3]

Word Now! performs every 2 months, so watch the web site for their March dates!

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