Subscribed 008: GardenforkTV with Eric Rochow

I have been watching Eric Rochow and GardenforkTV for a long time. He first caught my eye with some excellent videos on all sorts of gardening and food topics and more recently he has expanded to Gardenfork Radio — a long form talk and interview audio podcast that is perfect for listening in the car.

Gardenfork is a fairly eclectic channel and podcast, covering everything from Eric’s boisterous Labradors to who to make the perfect mashed potatoes to building raised beds to beekeeping. Eric has an infectious, unassuming manner which makes you feel like you would love to have him for a neighbor in the country. The show splits its time between his and his wife’s (the “camera operator”) apartment in Brooklyn and their farm in rural Connecticut.

You can subscribe to the GardenforkTV YouTube Channel for all the videos or subscribe to the video podcast using iTunes and/or ths Gardenfork Radio audio podcasts. I subscribe to both podcasts, as I love to see most everything Eric produces.


Visit the Gardenfork YouTube Channel for more videos!

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