Subscribed 002: Far Lands or Bust with KurtJMac

I have been moving away from mainstream broadcast and cable programming for a while and switching over to watching a lot of stuff on YouTube. My son, Joseph, has switched almost entirely to YouTube Channels for his entertainment viewing.

I realized today that I should be highlighting some of the YouTube Channels I subscribe to for my daily entertainment (and educational viewing). This is the second post in this on-going series.

Just a reminder…you can also subscribe to my own YouTube Channel for videos on gardening, careers, technology, new media and more!

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Farlands logo

Far Lands or Bust

Far Lands or Bust is a series of Minecraft videos with a good cause. Like a virtual walkathon, Kurt is walking to the “Far Lands” of Minecraft and raising money for the Child’s Play charity. He has raised over $40K so far with his travels.

Here is the description from the Far Lands or Bust channel.

“An expedition to the fabled Minecraft Far Lands, without any mods or cheats, raising money for Child’s Play Charity along the way! Donate using the ChipIn widget on the homepage of!

Here you’ll also find other Let’s Play videos featuring Kerbal Space Program, Driver: San Francisco, new indie games and astronomy software. Subscribe and come along for the journey!”

Kurt also does a host of other video shows, most of which are Minecraft or related to other games. Check out his complete YouTube Channel!

Don’t see the video playlist above? Check out PBS Idea Channel on Youtube.


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