New Media Tips from February 2012

Here are the New Media Tips and questions shared via the @newmediatips Twitter account.

  • Just released: Social Media Self Preservation Audio Book – Buy directly via download at
  • [Tip] Telling a story using New Media can change the world. What story do you want to tell? No go do it!
  • Product: TASCAM iXZ Mic / Instrument input for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch –
  • [Tip] All the gadgets in the world can’t hold a candle to good content. Start with great content, then consider adding bells and whistles.
  • [Tip] Looking for podcast/voiceover microphone? Look into the Samson C01U USB mic –
  • [Tip] Video Lighting Technique: Turn a Hard Light into A Soft Light from Izzy Videos
  • [Tip] Interested in Podcasting/New Media. Check out Podcasters Community Group on Facebook –
  • [Tip] Don’t like what you see on TV these days? Create what you would like to see. There are others who will like it, too — your audience!
  • [Tip] Interested in producing your own podcast novels? Check out Podiobooks at Put your writing to work for you!
  • [?] What types of shows interest you most? Could they be produced by independent productions and not network television?

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