I Like This – March 8, 2011

    A collection of New Media items I found interesting this week.

  • Google's YouTube buys Next New Networks | Company Town | Los Angeles Times – March 7, 2011 – Seen at underseenedits.tumblr.com…

    I see this as the beginnings of New Media finally challenging the mainstream media for viewers. I would like to see a lot more of it. That said, it is still catering to the “mega-hits” of the new media world and doesn’t do a lot to help the smaller, more niche productions. Does “a rising tide lift all boats?” Only tim will tell.

  • Essential Plugins for Every WordPress Installation | Nettuts+ – March 7, 2011 – Great roundup of some “essential” wordpress plugins. I have some of these installed, and might install a few more, based on these recommendations.

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