Douglas talks “Christmas Carol” on the’s VoiceRegistry Blog – Part 1 of 2

Tracy Pattin of’s VoiceRegistry blog and podcast talked with me about our recent live reading of A Christmas Carol for her voice actor readers. This is Part 1 or 2.

A Live Internet Reading of “A Christmas Carol”

On Sunday last, New Media Interchange Founder Douglas E. Welch, held his 4th Annual LIVE Reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and the audio is now available for your holiday pleasure.

It wasn’t your typical live reading of a play. Not a radio play or a televised reading. It was an internet play distributed through the internet’s U-Stream.TV. I had the opportunity to use my voice to be part of this holiday project. Top Warner Brothers sound engineer, Michael Lawshe and New Media Expert Douglas E. Welch team up several times a year to produce these readings. I asked Doug about the process:

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