Audio: The What, Why and How of Blogging

Douglas E. Welch presents a talk on the What, Why and How of Blogging, or Blogging 101.

Listen (54 minutes)


This talk was recorded April 17, 2009 in a presentation to the Institute of Management Consultants, Southern California Chapter.

Outline of this talk:

* Introduction
o Question – How many of you update your web site daily? weekly? monthly?
+ Most people find it too difficult
* What?
o A web site like all the others
o Blogging provides easy methods of updating your web site
+ Latest information
+ Automatic archives
+ Attractive to search engines
+ Concentrate on putting up new content, not fiddling with design
+ Can be easy and free or complicated and not free
* Why?
o Visibility
+ Telling people what you do and how well you do it
+ Getting your message to those who truly want to hear it
+ Traditional advertising less and less effect or wrong tool for some companies or professions.
+ Give people an opportunity to “stumble upon” your work
+ Provides “A Place for your stuff”, as George Carlin said
# A place to refer people for more info
# An online brochure or business card
# A home base to direct people to when placing content on other sites
* YouTube, Facebook, etc
+ Easy release of all sorts of content – text, photos, audio, video and even live video streams
o NOT more work
+ Make it easier to capture and present information/content
# You are already creating it every day
# Just need to capture it
+ Should be part or whole of every web site
# In some cases, it IS the web site
* How?
o Buy a domain name, if you don’t already have one
o Free blogging services
+,,, and many more
+ Doesn’t even require a web site, but you should probably have one anyway
+ Use re-direct to point from existing web site
o Free Self-hosted
+ Use in combination with your existing web site
* Questions?

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