Douglas E. Welch on “The Struggling Entrepreneur”

Frank Castaneda had me on his show, The Struggling Entrepreneur, this week. We talk about working as an independent in high-tech, writing and new media.

The Struggling Entrepreneur artworkStruggling Entrepreneur
15- Doug Welch- From Writer to High Tech to New Media Entrepreneu

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In this episode of The Struggling Entrepreneur, we have an interview with Douglas Welch. I had the opportuntity to meet him in person at the Podcamp Arizona unconference in November, 2007. Doug is a high-tech consultant and recent New Media Entrepreneur. Coming from a corporate IT environment and also being a writer, Doug shares with us his road to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As a family man, he does this in concert with his wife and her career, as well. What is interesting are 2 areas that are mentioned in this 40-minute interview:

1. The need for the entrepreneur to be aware of the obstacles with affordable health care; and

2. How being a successful entrepreneur can enrich your personal and family life by “buying yourself time” for a quality life.

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