Podcasts on hold? – Why not?

As mentioned previously in Careers in Podcasting, I recently started producing Mortgages Made Simple for my friend, Rick Gundzik. When thinking of ways to promote the podcasts, I stumbled upon the idea of using past podcasts instead of the typical “music on hold” for Rick’s office.

I am sure others have had this idea, but I have never heard of it being put to use, or run into it in my own “on hold” adventures. This makes me think that there might be some PR possibilities in placing your podcasts on your friends, neighbors and companies “music on hold” systems. Does someone you know have an office that could benefit from your content?

For me, I am going to add this very recommendation to each new podcast project I pitch. It only makes sense to give your customers something interesting to listen to, and spread word of your podcast, to those who, theoretically are a perfect market for it.

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