Podcasting, PR and Sponsorship

I have sensed a definite change in how podcasting is perceived in the last few months. Genuine interest seems to be growing in the general populace about how podcasting can enhance traditional outreach, marketing and PR programs.

I had a great discussion with one of my clients today, a PR professional. It is always amazing to see the light bulb go on above someone’s head when they “get” the full potential of podcasting. As we talked, she began to see how more and more of her clients, in wildly different areas, could make use of podcasting. Happily for me, she also saw how I could help here in developing and producing podasts for her clients.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am having these conversations almost continuously now. No matter what the original discussion might be about, at some point there is time to talk about podcasting and how it can help them to achieve their goals, and the goals of their customers and clients.

We both agreed, though, that we need to find people who can start developing sponsorship and advertising deals to connect the individual podcasters with those who want to reach their audience. I find myself wishing I had more experience in this regard, as I am seeing it as one of the primary factors in taking podcasting to the next level.

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