Talking with the “old” media

A few months ago, here in the home office, I did a podcasting segment for a new, local TV show. You should see the video below this post.

Those of you who know me, know that I love to talk tech and especially about podcasting. I get knowing chuckles whenever I tell people I have swallowed podcasting hook, line and sinker. I see so many opportunities in podcasting and ways that it can help almost everyone expand their life, their business or their cause.

It was interesting talking to the “old” media about something so new. This September marks only the 3rd anniversary of podcasting, but now it seems like it has been around for much longer. Appearing on television is a great way to spread the word about podcasting, but when you consider that this will only air in Los Angeles, when my podcasts have a global audience, it seems weird. Do television producers ever think about this? Do they wonder why their work can’t be seen by thousands of people all over the world? Does it make them afraid of podcasting, or more intrigued to give it a whirl?

I wish this TV piece could have been a bit more conversational. I do better in that environment, where I can bounce things off another person. Thinking off the top of you head, without a written script and teleprompter can be difficult. I was so tired this afternoon I crashed out on the couch. You always forget things you wanted to say until it is too late. You always worry about the construction of what you are saying. Did you mention RSS feeds before you mentioned web sites? Did you remember to tell them about XYZ? When I am doing my own podcast, I can stop the recording, gather my thoughts and then start again. When people are staring at you waiting to say something profound, it can be a bit intimidating. (SMILE)

So, I will tell you what I told them today. Give podcasting a try…today…tomorrow or soon. Tell people what’s on your mind. You just might find that their are 100’s, if not thousands of people who want to hear what you have to say. How cool is that?!

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