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Career Question: What is one book or article that has helped you build your career in the last year?

November 17th, 2012 Comments off

If you are like me, reading books, magazine and web sites is a daily ritual. Reading great ideas from others is a wonderful way to have great ideas yourself. You need to constantly be priming the idea pump. New ideas, of all sorts, bumping up against each other spin off entirely new ideas in their wake. These ideas are the building blocks for the career you deserve.

So, What is one book or article that has helped you build your career in the last year?

Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s see what we turn up.

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News: Panelists champion careers in social good

October 17th, 2012 Comments off

Everyone wants to make money in their career, but many of us also want to have the biggest effect possible on the world. We seek out ways to do good as well as live good using our work and enterprise as the engine for the good.

They panel discussion from Yale holds some interesting thoughts about how to engage in social good while also being good to your career and life.

Panelists champion careers in social good

For all Yale students considering investment banking, Doug Hausladen ’04 has a message for you: Do not go to the dark side.

The undergraduate organization Net Impact hosted an event to launch its organization on Tuesday that aimed to inspire Yale students to explore the field of social enterprise — or socially-conscious entrepreneurship. The panel included Hausladen, Ward 7 Alderman and the co-founder of ActualFood; Barry Nalebuff, co-founder of Honest Tea and professor at the Yale School of Management; Maxim Thorne LAW ‘92, former vice president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Cary Krosinsky, senior vice president of TruCost; and Kate Cooney, an SOM professor. At the talk, the speakers explored their definitions of social enterprise and suggested an alternative to traditional careers in business or non-profits.

Yale social good

Read entire article

Video: What is success…and why you might have it already! from CareerCampSCV 2012

July 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Douglas E. Welch ( presents “What is success….and why you might have it already!” at CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) 2012 (

There has been a “perversion” of the meaning of success these days with only the extremely famous or rich being labelled as successful. Douglas’ definition of success is “if you can support yourself and and your family doing something you love.” Success is not black or white, it has many shades of grey and we are wise to remember it.

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What is success..and why you might have it already

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Question for you: Does anyone get fired anymore?

June 18th, 2012 Comments off

I just sent this question our to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and I am looking for your input. 

Is it possible to fire someone for not performing in their job or otherwise impinging on the productivity of an office or a company as a whole? Is it only something truly egregious that gets someone fired today or is “being asked to resign” the new firing?

I know through family members that “getting fired” in manual labor jobs is pretty common, but I wonder specifically about those with white collar jobs.

Tell me your stories here in the comments, on Facebook or Google+

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Video: The Fine Art of Troubleshooting Anything from BarCampLA

May 28th, 2012 Comments off

Douglas presents what he has learned about troubleshooting over nearly 25 years of computer consulting and how it can be applied to many life situations outside of technology.

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Career Opportunities Course of Suggested Study: Creativity and Innovation

May 2nd, 2012 Comments off

A self-directed education is a wonderful and productive thing. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to know where to aim your educational focus. To offer a bit of help with this, I have put together some resources around a particular topic to get you started. In this first “Career Opportunities Course of Suggested Study” I am focusing on creativity and innovation, two very important topics for any careerist.

Career Opportunities Course of Suggested Study

Creativity and Innovation

We all have in us the ability and the necessity to create. Whether we are working on the next great technology or the next great recipe, creativity allows us to combine old knowledge with our own experience and create something new and wonderful. In order to “build the career you deserve” you need to explore this creativity at every opportunity and in every way. Deny your creativity and you will lose it. Honor your creativity and it will honor you back with great ideas, innovation solutions and idea that no one has thought before.

Questions to Consider

  • Why do we create?
  • How do we create?
  • Is every job a creative job? Why? Why not?
  • Can creativity lead to a better life and career? How?
  • Is creativity the gift of a precious few or is everyone creative?
  • Can you set aside “creative time” in your calendar?
  • What would you create, if you took the time and energy to do it?


Dive in and dive deep. Many of these sources will lead to other, great, information on creativity. Follow the links where you will. Each book’s bibliography will suggest a host of other books and articles to read and review. Don’t be afraid to follow these paths wherever they lead. This is a large part of a self-direct education.

*Many of these books are available at your local public library. Save yourself some money and look there first.

Share your thoughts!

What did you learn from this Suggest Course of Study? Do you have questions or comments? Would you like to discuss this with your fellow Career Opportunities readers and listeners?

You can create and continue the discussion on Creativity and Innovation here on the blog by posting a comment, or starting a conversation on the Career Opportunities Facebook page or the Career Opportunities page on Google+. You can discuss this topic in real-time on the Career Opportunities Work Room at This includes a chat room and video conferencing capabilities. Contact for an invite.

Fire Me Now, I beg you! – great blog post and discussion

April 13th, 2012 Comments off

I came across this very interesting blog post and discussion thread today on Google+.

Here is the original blog post that started the conversation.


In every situation I ask myself two questions:

  • What do I want the outcome of this situation to be
  • What do I secretly want the outcome of this situation to be

For example, at one of my previous jobs, my boss setup an emergency meeting in her office. The title of the calendar invite was “catch up”. It was one of those vague meeting titles that meant one of two things: 1) She wanted to catch up or 2) She was going to lay me off.

Read the entire article here

More importantly, here is a great discussion thread on Hacker News that that blog post generated.

YCombinator: Hacker News Discussion Board

There are some great thoughtful and insightful comments there, including…

This is actually a great mental exercise for determining if you’re fundamentally unhappy at your current job. Just try and imagine your boss calling into a meeting like the one the OP describes and giving you some sort of, “your work has been good, but unfortunately we have to make some changes, and this will be your last day” speech, and imagine how you would feel.If your reaction is something along the lines of relief, then you are fundamentally unhappy at your job. You have not only concluded that it is not a good situation, but that the situation is incapable of improving. It’s likely only artificial mental restraints keep you from doing anything about it (“oh man I may have to move, moving is annoying… and I guess I get paid pretty well, most of my friends are making half what I do… and my boss said some things would change, although he said that months ago…”) and those restraints aren’t even that strong, otherwise you wouldn’t be relieved if you got laid off.

It is very worthwhile to look through this thread no matter where you are in your current job.


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Notes from #TChat on Talent Communities

April 4th, 2012 Comments off

Tchat 1

Thanks to @ilovegarick, I checked into this evening’s #TChat – “At the intersection of talent and culture”, as it says on their web page. There was lots of talk about communities of all sorts, but especially about talent communities — people of similar talents, jobs, work gathering together for mutual benefit. Here are a few things I had to say during the chat.

If you want to join in on the #TChat fun, it happens each Wednesday night at 7pm EDT/4 pm PST. You can use your own Twitter client or the service to aid you in your participation.

Tonight’s topic was Talent Communities. I must admit, the term wasn’t familiar to me. Before the chat I headed over to Wikipedia for more information.

Link: Talent Community from

  • As much as we might like to have “terms” we can hang our hats on, I wouldn’t get so tied up in the terminology.
  • Communities require that you join them, not be a member by default. You have to engage.
  • Sometimes your community isn’t enough. You need to go out and join the communities that have the people you are seeking to recruit
  • i.e. If you are recruiting programmers, you better be on the programmer’s forums. That is where the talented people often are
  • Important to remember too that you are never just a member of one community. We all have multiples in our lives and work
  • For people, a community is yet another place to show people “what you do and how well you do it” which is so needed for all workers
  • In some ways, you entire life is your community. Just as likely to meet candidates at Starbucks as in an office or job fair
  • You need to be aware of talent no matter what you are or what you are doing. Your next placement could come from a fellow gym member
  • The best communities are already, by default, showing you who has the best “chops/skills/energy” You just need to listen to them.
  • Finding talent should be integrated into you life. Something you always do. Not limited to specific situations, times, communities
  • You need to be careful that you don’t create too many “silos” in your life, all compartmentalized. Let things blend and bleed together
  • I like to think I have one community — mine, but it has a lot of different neighborhoods, each with their own character
  • I’ve never been able to draw lines between personal and professional life. They mush together waaaay to much for that. I am me, period
  • So here is the rub, though. I don’t think you can form a talent community from the outside, I think those with the skills do it together
  • As a recruiter, I think you need to be more focused on finding useful communities than trying to create/recreate your own
  • You can’t force people to interact. That is for sure. It has to come naturally. They have to have something interesting to say.
  • You create your own personal community every day. Bring in those people who are interesting/useful to you and enjoy.
  • I would say that the manufacturing of a community can be very low key, though. Hey, come over to #tchat tonight and let’s talk for example. Give them a place to gather.
  • Your communities are a collection of overlapping and intersecting bubbles. They all effect each other as you bring info from 1 to other
  • I think I have come around to the fact that we should be joining other communities, not trying to create our own world. Go find them.
  • Go where people are already discussing their work – telling others “what they do and how well they do it” Why need our own – Is it control?
  • Smart folks treat every job as freelance/contract and shouldn’t stop networking, etc. More people need to do that.
  • Companies can use Talent Communities to develop collection of talented people they can turn to when in need. Need a programmer? Here are 30+ to choose from.
  • Companies shouldn’t wait for great candidates to send in a resume from an ad. They should be building a list continuously.
  • There is never really a lack of talent. More likely the company doesn’t know where talent is. Needs to go find it.
  • Major reason companies need to be reaching out/cultivating communities more, in fact
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Counteroffer discussion on Google+. What do you think?

April 4th, 2012 Comments off

We are currently having an interesting discussion about counteroffers in the workplace over on Google+. Stop by and chime in with your comments. I would love to hear what you think. To join in, click the link below or Circle me on Google+.

–  12:26 PM

–  Public

I agree with their advice. If the company wanted to retain you, they needed to do the right thing first, without being faced with your departure.

It’s happened to most of us at one point or another: you turn in your notice at a job, and the company scrambles to make a counteroffer designed to make you want to stay.
–  Comment –  Hang out –  Share


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Some notes from the BeOnFire Twitter chat this evening – Tenacity and Persistance

March 26th, 2012 Comments off

Be On Fire Logo

I stopped by the weekly #beonfire Twitter chat this evening for the first time and stepped into a discussion about tenacity and persistence. Here are some highlights from my comments during the chat.

  • As with all things, you have to balance tenacity and persistence with thinking or you can try harder at the wrong thing.
  • @Pistachio Yes, we all have cycles in our energy level. You have to know where you are a the moment and how to proceed
  • @ShellyKramer Anything you learn from is NOT a failure, even if you close/abandon that particular project.
  • @BSchuler I think true failure is rare, but re-aligning is very, very common. We adjust with each step we take.
  • @Pistachio Important to understand that certain projects go “fallow” for periods of time, then come back. Not really dead.
  • I think more people are stopped by fear of failure then failure itself, so important to get people moving in any way.
  • Really tenacity is using inertia in our favor. Letting small movements carry us along — Object in motion staying in motion
  • @npersona Tenacity and persistence is about Intelligent thinking about WHY you are being tenacious and persistent. Stubbornness is ego driven.
  • For me, the difference is am I doing for what I want to accomplish or because my ego is over-involved in some way. Ego = big problem
  • For me, this is why I work with/collaborate with others. Doing something with/for others helps with the ego.
  • @Pistachio Sometimes, you just have to kick yourself on the butt and realize you are being destructive in  your stubbornness. i.e.
  • @Pistachio when we “take our ball and go home” unless people do it exactly our way. THAT is EGO with a Capital E
  • What drives me? Others. I have often said that I do my best work when I am working for something that helps others as well as myself
  • @ShellyKramer Yes. Everbody wins or no go. Winning at the expense of others, knowingly and actively is BAD JUJU. 🙂
  • What will I be more tenacious about? Working hard to spread word about my career unconferences and finding more backing. Fund raising is NOT my strong suit.

A complete transcript of this #beonfire Twitter can can be found on their web page.

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